The project is planned to support the improvement of girl’s educational attainment through the creation of self-supporting youth clubs in schools targeting mainly adolescent girls, in 10 primary and 5 secondary schools in Mkoani District in Pemba, to strengthen their self-esteem, confidence and self-awareness, given life skills education and problem-solving skills through Tuseme- Safe Space Clubs.

The main objective of the subproject activity is to support the establishment of self-supporting and functional youth clubs and strengthen guidance and counselling in schools to promote safe learning environments for adolescent girls in schools. To facilitate the implementation of the subproject activity, as the implementing partner, FAWE Zanzibar has adapted and used existing guidelines for creating safe spaces developed by UNESCO as well as the ZMoEVT Guidance and Counselling manual. It is planned that the primary target beneficiaries should not be less than 1050 girls and 210 boys.

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