FAWE Zanzibar

Founded in Nairobi by former Ministers of Education from several different African countries in 1994.

Forum for African Women Educationalists Zanzibar (FAWE Zanzibar), seeks to empower Zanzibar girls and women through a number of diverse education initiatives that would enable them to develop them socially, politically and economically.

Established locally in 2001 as charity No.133 FAWE Zanzibar was founded as one among many FAWE Chapters throughout the Sub-Saharan continents to promote positive policies and practices in gender equality through a holistic set of modules targeted towards students, teachers, community leaders and policy makers.

Formed to address the issue of girls and women lagging behind in education as well as economic success in Sub-Saharan Africa.




The main functions of FAWE- Zanzibar are as follow:

  1. Creating opportunities for increasing girl’s access, retention, performance, and completion
  2. Advocating for policies and programs for the support of girl’s education especially underprivileged and vulnerable.
  3. Sensitizing communities on the importance of girls’ education
  4. Creating an enabling learning environment for girls in schools and colleges.
  5. Encouraging schools to provide gender sensitive infrastructure and physical facilities
  6. Supporting activities and clubs which improve girls’ self- esteem and confidence
  7. Advocating for revision of policies that hinder girls’ progress in education.
  8. Increasing girls’ performance in schools.

Our Mission
& Vision

Our Vision “A strong Chapter capable ensuring girls and women in Zanzibar enjoy all deserved human rights by encouraging educational, economic and social development in a gender sensitive environment.”

Our Mission “FAWE-Zanzibar strives to promote gender equality and equity in girls’ right to quality education at all levels by fostering positive policies, practices and attitude towards women’s education.”


Building a gender-responsive and quality education

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